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Norton and EZ-Filing are not getting along

norton_messageI’ve been a user of Symantec’s Norton Internet Security for over a decade. During those years I also used many of the other Norton products like AntiVirus, PartitionMagic, GoBack (I loved that program), and Utilities. I’ve heard lots of complaints about NIS, but Norton products have always worked for me and my computers have always been secure.

EZ-Filing is a bankruptcy forms preparation software program used by some of my attorney-clients, which means I use it for their cases (going on about 4 years now). It’s not my favorite of the bankruptcy software programs, but it has some good features. I have never had any trouble with EZ-Filing, but I know from an ezfiling Yahoo! Group that some bankruptcy attorneys have been unhappy with the program’s performance as of late.

Today something very odd happened when I attempted to open EZ-Filing; my Norton Security gave an alert of “at risk” and showed that SONAR Protection was doing ‘something.’ The ‘something’ ended up being that Norton found the ezframe.exe file to be suspicious and removed it. For all the years that I have used Norton, I have never had it remove something from my computer (I’m very careful about what I install).

norton_quarantineI recalled that there was an update to the program about two days ago when I used it and I wondered if the program developers had made a change to the program that did not sit well with Norton. I phoned Tech Support at EZ-Filing (I’m always impressed there is someone who actually answers support calls). The Tech was not surprised by my issue; he confirmed that it is something new that is happening. The only advice he could give me was to create an exception for EZ-Filing in my Norton settings.

Fortunately, Norton has ‘options’ that, if you look at the first image in this post, you will see its link just to the left of the ‘close’ button. ‘Options’ allowed me to restore the file and exclude it from future scans. In this case, I trust Norton more than I trust EZ-Filing and I did not overlook Norton’s message that “Restoring an item from Quarantine could potentially put your system at risk.” I’m concerned that EZ-Filing would include something in their program that would elicit this action and alert from Norton. As I said, I never had this happen before with any other program. I’ll have to keep an eye on it and do some more investigating.

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