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Creditor Address for Springcastle America Funding Trust

I searched online, but had trouble finding an address for Springcastle America Funding Trust. This company had taken over an account originally owned by HSBC, HFC, or Beneficial entity. A client was able to provide a copy of a collection notice which contained the address for this collection agency: PO Box 1231, Brandon, FL 33509-1231.

Chatting about bankruptcy software on Yahoo! Groups

A few days ago, I posted about the disappearance of an active Yahoo! Group for EZ-Filing users. No answer has emerged and one attorney I communicated with could only speculate about why the Group was deleted. Since I have archives of messages from this Group going back to 2009, I have a pretty decent list […]

What happened to the Yahoo! Group for EZ-Filing?

I don’t have an answer, but I’m curious if anyone has any information about the Group’s sudden disappearance. One attorney and former member of the Group emailed me and said it had to have gone offline sometime during the past week. I wonder how many Group members are not even aware yet that the Group […]

Still Working (Bankruptcy2012)

I follow a Yahoo!® Group for EZ-Filing users and have been hearing about the misery being experienced by many of the bankruptcy lawyers who use EZ-Filing. Whatever is happening with this bankruptcy software program, it is certainly not being clearly communicated to its loyal customers and they’re not liking that fact! Some are so unhappy, they […]

Creditor Address for Comcast Communications

Using Microsoft’s Snipping Tool, I grabbed this address from the back of an electronic invoice from Comcast Communications. It’s an address for the Legal Department of Comcast Cable Communications (One Comcast Center, Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838). I searched online for a specific bankruptcy notice address, but this is the closest I could find. The effective date […]